Which landing net for carnivorous fish?


“If you want fish, bait. And if you’re after the biggest and best fish, don’t forget your landing net. This accessory, as fishing enthusiasts know so well, is a must for carnivore fishing. “It has the particularity of allowing an efficient capture without the risk of injuring the fish. A landing net generally varies according to the fishing practices and techniques used. Are you interested in predator fishing? In this article, we will review the type of landing net most suitable for predatory fish.

Types of landing nets that meet the standards for predator fishing

Also known as a salabre, the use of this tool ensures better handling of the fish. The use of a landing net also guarantees a quick catch. The net is already open and easy to handle, so all that remains to be done is to bring the fish in and validate its capture. A fish that has already been placed in the net can no longer struggle or try to get out. Moreover, with a landing net in hand, there is almost no risk of injury.

But you still have to choose the right model, especially with the wide range of products on the market. To make the right choice, you need to know the different types in advance.

First and foremost, you will find the fixed landing net. Consisting mainly of a round landing net head, this model is both durable and classic and is generally favoured for street fishing. It is also important to know that most fixed landing net models clip onto a long handle, telescopic or not, with a wide head. There are also telescopic landing nets or models with a through handle. The latter is more practical, easier to carry and less cumbersome, and is generally fitted into the head of the landing net. The folding landing net, which has been on the market very recently, is also a very practical model in terms of space. As the name suggests, this model folds in half and the handle slides into the head at the same time. This makes it very easy to store. Finally, the racket net is very compact with a short handle and does not take up much space at all. As far as transport is concerned, this type of landing net is very good. It fits easily on your bag and is perfectly suited for wading fishing.

Every net has its own net!

After all, a landing net without a net is not an option. Nets are available in different materials. For predator fishing, there is the nylon net model. This is a very popular model and flows perfectly well. However, it tends to damage the fins and mucus of the fish during capture. Rubber nets, on the other hand, are a good choice for the preservation of predators. Once in the water, this type of net will gently slide the fish through the mesh without risk of injury. Not only is it the best compromise, but the rubber net is especially perfect for predator fishing. With a rigid metal frame and sliding handle, the plastic coated net is highly recommended for boat fishing. Finally, the plastic-coated anti-snag net is also known for its practicality.

Other criteria for choosing a landing net for predators

In addition to the type of pole, the type and structure of the net, other key criteria also determine the choice of a landing net for predatory fish. For a precise and judicious choice, it is also essential to know the type of fish to be caught. Particularly for carp anglers, every detail counts. First of all, you should know that thecarp net is triangular in shape. In order to catch the fish more easily and in the best possible conditions, the mesh must also be light and strong. Also, the handle is very important. In addition to being easy to handle, resistant, robust and of high quality, the handle must be perfectly adapted to the morphology of the angler.

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