Which surfcasting rod to use for long distance casting?


When you start surfcasting, it is essential that you decide on the type of fishing rod you are going to use. For example, it should be able to cast your line far enough to meet the needs of this type of fishing. The main thing is to decide which model you want to buy.

A big rod for surfcasting

If you want your surfcasting rod to be able to cast the hook a good distance, the first thing to do is to choose a big rod. The bigger it is, the further you can cast your line. On the other hand, it also becomes harder to manage as you go along.

A good compromise for the size of the fishing rod is between 4.20 m and 4.5 m. Here it is not too difficult, even for novices, to get a good grip on the rod, but also to cast the line at a good distance. This is why this size of rod is often used in competitions for beginners.

Favouring the right power

Power is also a good indicator of the strength of your bait surf casting rod . Depending on the power available, you will naturally be able to send the line far out to sea. It is advisable to find a value around 150g to 200g.

To achieve optimum power, it is essential to go to a reliable manufacturer. They have used the best materials for your rod.

Choose the right surfcasting reel

This is an important detail for your surfcasting rod to reach long distances. To get the most out of it, the reel line should be long, but also thin. If it is too thick, it can cause resistance when casting.

A full spool will limit the friction caused by the line when casting. Always leave a small gap for the line to unwind properly, 1mm or 2mm. Ideally, the surfcasting reel should be shallow.

Surfcasting: Choosing the right lure and rig

It is important to avoid choosing a lure that impedes the flow of your line through the air. Therefore, you must keep in mind that the air should not hold your bait when you cast the rod. Solutions to this include ground glasses, or any other flexible lure with a fluid shape.

The weight should be heavy enough, about 40g, otherwise the line won’t go very far. At the same time, a lead that is too heavy can damage the bait once it falls into the water. It is up to you to find a good compromise in this respect.

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