Which soft lure for pike?

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Pike is one of the most popular fish among anglers. In addition, you need to make the best decision about the tackle you use to fish for this fish. The soft lure is one of the common recourses, and it is necessary to make the right choice in this respect.

Fishing for pike

Pike is a very specific fish, especially as it is one of the first fish that can be caught in early spring. More precisely, it is possible to cast your line to catch them as early as 24 April. For fish such as black bass, it is usually necessary to wait until mid-June.

To do this, you need to have the right amount of pike lureyou will need a good rod. In addition, it is a reasonably sized fish, starting at 60cm. This fish has a preference for calm waters, but it does not hesitate to rise to the surface when it wants to feed.

The impact of the season on fishing

The way in which pike will act in general depends greatly on the season. Pike are most active in spring. Having just come out of a 3 month break, during which they have been protecting their eggs, they will look for prey when spring arrives.

In contrast, at the end of the season, they will be more selective, but also more wary. You can’t expect them to run directly after your hook lure. So they will rarely go to the surface from this particular time of the year onwards.

Using the soft lure in spring

You can choose a type of soft pike lure for spring by looking at the activity of the fish. As they will be better able to get out and act adventurously, you can use your soft lures for topwater style fishing. This means that you will have the opportunity to use lures that will essentially float.

For this to happen, you simply need to keep the weight off. You can still put a light one on if you want the whole thing to go slightly underwater. The rig will not affect your fishing style that much during this period.

The use of soft lures at the end of the season

As we approach autumn, pike fishing is going to be a little more challenging. As it will be difficult for the pike to get out of the water, it is your duty to go and find them. To do this, it will be necessary to use a minimum of weight, between 10g and 15g.

The most common style for this is to use a Texas rig with a lead head. This ensures that the hook and bait are well attached and therefore not likely to break off. Then the lead placed on the head will ensure a more realistic movement of your bait.

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