How to animate a SpinnerBait?


The spinnerbait is appreciated by anglers first for its affordability and then for its versatility. The animations for this lure depend on the fishing spot and the season.

The spinnerbait is an effective lure for anglers for several reasons. It is mainly used by freshwater anglers. Spinnerbaits come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles and colours. The smaller models are recommended for crappie and rock fishing. The larger models are suitable for catching pike. Sea anglers occasionally use spinnerbaits, mainly for fishing for redfish in shallow water. This lure allows the application of several animation methods. This makes it possible to use them all year round. Mastering the animation techniques is one thing, but using the right equipment is another. Therefore, it is important to choose the right equipment to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Linear retrieve to animate a spinner bait

The spinnerbait is a lure that is easy to handle. This method of animation is the perfect illustration. The linear retrieve is effective and simple. Even beginners are able to master it. The method allows you to add vigour to the lure by means of vibrations and flashes of light. The execution of the technique requires a variation of the retrieve speed. It is also necessary to adjust the position of the fishing rod. The positioning allows the lure to be set at the desired depth.

The linear retrieve is an ideal animation for perch fishing in the summer season. A high rod position and a fast retrieve speed ensure that the lure will be fished on the surface. The method will easily attract perch. A slow retrieve is recommended in autumn. The rod will also be lowered to scrape the bottom and flush out the fish.

Scooping to break the deadlock

Experienced anglers don’t use so much retrieve with a scion stroke. The method consists of a series of short taps. This has the effect of making the lure more lively. Experienced anglers use scioning as a last resort. The method can effectively unlock some of the more difficult fishing.

The sawtooth retrieve

The spinnerbait has paddles that allow you to fish on the surface. The paddles start to rotate as you descend into the water. Note that this rotation takes place around the upper axis of the lure. A sawtooth retrieve takes advantage of this paddle rotation effect. This method of animation is marked by irregular stops. It requires a certain amount of control. The angler must keep the line taut and make sure that he always feels the lure in his rod. Beginners may find it difficult to perform. Experienced anglers will have no difficulty in reproducing this animation. The sawtooth retrieve is a very effective way of animating the lure on predators.

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