What is the best surface lure for tuna?

leurre de surface

Have you always wanted to go tuna fishing? Tuna fishing is not that complicated. All you need is the right equipment. To fish for tuna, you will need a quality lure, especially a surface lure. This is a fish that is quite difficult to lure. To help you find the best lure for tuna fishing, we recommend you follow these guidelines.

Choosing the right surface lure

As mentioned in the introduction, tuna are considered to be a smart fish. They are quite difficult to catch. To catch them, you need a lure that is both effective and efficient. And among the models offered in specialist shops, we can mention the popper lure. This type of lure is also appreciated for its ease of use. The popper lure is easy to swim. For those who are new to tuna fishing, this type of lure is recommended for easy handling.

It is important to know that this model is a surface lure. It can be used in all conditions. Even if you want to fish for tuna on the hunt or in a fairly calm area, you can opt for a popper lure. It is also a surface lure that can come in different sizes and colours.

Opt for the popper

As the name suggests, this type of lure has a bevelled head. In order to offer the angler a certain efficiency, its manufacturer decided to offer this lure a certain integral frame. This also allows the user to make long distance casts. Just like the popper lure, the pledge is also suitable for all conditions. And if you want to catch other fish than tuna, you can use this type of lure on masters or jacks.

The pledge lure promises some pretty innovative shapes. It is also a lure that is very popular because of its ease of handling. It is very reactive. It is not for nothing that the Newbie is considered the perfect lure for tuna fishing.

Focus on the casting jig

The Jig is also a type of lure that is very popular in the fishing world. It is a type of lure that is available in two categories. There are the vertical jigs and the casting jigs. The latter are considered the most popular among tuna fishermen. Casting jigs are also used for surface fishing with a drag rod. Compared to the vertical model, the casting model promises a rather small size. This lure also promises a fairly light weight. This means that you can enjoy casting with excellent precision. Casting jigs are also considered to be compact lures with an exceptional density. This makes it even easier to cast.

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