Which line for a spinning reel?

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The spinning reel the line is only used as a spare line and does not need to be sophisticated. However, the choice of line for this method of fishing cannot be improvised.

Tackle fishing is a technique that does not rely on the functionality of the reel. The latter is only useful for winding the fishing line. We often talk about reducing the device to its simplest form. Nevertheless, beginners may need a specific spinning reel to avoid unpleasant surprises. These can be a wig in the spool or crank.

Choosing the right line for your spinning reel

Tackle fishing is also a drifting technique. This Pyrenean method uses natural bait collected at the fishing site. It is mainly used to fish for trout in medium and high mountain rivers. To find the best line for this drift fishing, it is necessary to take into account the biology of the trout. This fish has a great sense of perception and is able to spot the line by sight. The colour and diameter of the line are therefore essential criteria in the choice. Remember that the trout is a rather combative fish. When struggling, they are able to break the line. Therefore, a strong material is essential.

Choosing the right line colour

The ideal colour for a fishing line is still a matter of debate. Manufacturers are always coming up with new information on how and why their line colour is the best and how it is invisible to the fish.

A red line does not disappear underwater. While it is true that water absorbs the red spectrum, the submerged part of the line remains highly visible. It should also come as no surprise that a yellow line remains highly visible underwater. Clear or tinted fishing lines are the most effective. Fishing is usually done in clear, lightly tinted water. This – combined with the fact that fish tend to hunt from below – means that the use of clear or light-coloured lines to better deceive fish.

The different types of fishing line

Monofilament is a somewhat unique line. It is available in a wide variety of weights and colours. This fishing line is ideal for a spinning reel with a rotating drum. It is light and depending on the colour and diameter is almost invisible to a trout. Furthermore, the monofilament is simplistic and effective in its design. It is a very affordable option.

Braided line is – as the name suggests – a braid of filaments. Like a rope, it can carry more weight than monofilament line. However, this fishing line is more expensive. It is particularly suitable for a spinning reel .

Fluorocarbon is generally used for the leader. This has not prevented it from becoming a popular fishing line because of its durability. Experienced anglers recommend this fishing line for catching trout.

Now you are ready to start fishing with a jig!

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