Which rod for sea fishing?

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Sea fishing is going to be quite special in many ways, and you need to adapt your fishing tackle to that. In order for this fishing to go as smoothly as possible, the right rods should be used. This decision is based on a variety of interconnected points.

The length of the rod

This is an important detail to determine before purchasing a particular model. This information about the rod length should be chosen according to the area you are fishing from. Sea fishing can be done from the shore or from a boat. Depending on this detail, the conditions will be very different.

Fishing from the shore means that you have to be able to cast the line a long distance. This means that you need to use rods of around 8m in length or more. On a boat, the conditions are the opposite, as you will have a limited working area. It is therefore better to be satisfied with a 3m or 4m rod.

The power of the rod

The choice of a rod for sea fishing includes the choice of a certain power. Marine fish are distinguished by the fact that they are quite massive on average. This is because they have enough space to reach their full potential in this area.

You should therefore make sure that you use a solid rod. Carbon fibre is one of the best choices. This material is very strong and light, so it is practical. Then, the power is evaluated in relation to the weight that the rod can support. For sea fish, the power required ranges from 50g to 300g.

The choice for the reel

The reel is a key element in ensuring good performance from your rod. When purchasing your sea fishing equipment, you should start by asking yourself what fish you want to catch.

The larger the fish, the more power you will need to use a reel. The size of the reel will directly affect this detail, but also the material it is made of. You should also pay attention to the accessories such as the brakes. They will be important for good performance.

Acquire a variety of rods

An angler will not necessarily limit himself to one fish. Therefore, his sea fishing equipment will frequently include at least a few rods. Doing so makes it possible to be prepared for different eventualities. You can decide to catch one fish rather than another, simply by choosing which rods to bring with you. Ideally, the rods you decide to carry should be as versatile as possible. By doing so, you expand your fishing opportunities without having to carry a lot of gear. The trick is to decide which models you want to buy.

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