What fishing gear for bluefin tuna?

matériel de pêche

Any self-respecting fisherman can tell you that the bluefin tuna is a powerful, fast and clever fish. To catch them, you need to know how to choose your fishing gear. But most importantly, you need to find the right reel for this type of big fish. In this article, we will try to help you find the perfect reel to catch your bluefin tuna

Check your reel design

Bluefin tuna fall into the category of large fish. That’s why they have exceptional strength. As mentioned above, it is also a very smart fish. Once you catch it, its sole purpose is to dive quickly into the water. To help you catch this big fish easily, you need good fishing equipment, including a well-designed big game reel (the seasoned angler will definitely recommend a Penn reel). This is the best solution if you want luck to be on your side.

When fishing for bluefin tuna, we suggest that you consider the strength of your reel. Be aware that a big game fishing reel has impressive strength and sturdiness. It is also important to check the handle of your reel. The mechanism of this accessory must be easy to handle. When buying your big game reel, you should also consider the weight. To help you fight your battle, try models that promise a fairly light weight.

Choosing the right material for your fishing tackle

It is important to choose the right material for your tuna fishing reel. This is especially important if you need to benefit from the durability and lightness of your tackle. A bluefin tuna fishing reel can be made from a variety of materials. The frame or side plates of a reel can be made of graphite or quality aluminium. When buying your big game fishing reel, opt for these materials. They promise exceptional lightness. It is also important to note that graphite and aluminium offer excellent resistance to salt. This makes these reels ideal for sea fishing

Consider the braking force

You should also check the drag force of your reel if you want to fish for bluefin tuna. It is this power that will help you in your battle with your big fish. So be aware that the braking force of a reel is represented in kilos. It is this rating that indicates the power and endurance of your fishing tackle. If you want to enjoy a reel that can withstand a lot of pulling power, we suggest that you choose a reel that promises a braking force greater than the weight of your fish. Don’t forget to combine this power with exceptional know-how to get the better of your bluefin tuna.

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