What is a predator?


For those who don’t know yet, the word “predator” refers to all animals that eat only flesh. You can also find fish that are carnivorous. And there are many of them in this family. A carnivorous freshwater fish is therefore called a ‘carnivore’. This type of fish is known for its combative nature. They are not easily caught. To catch a carnivorous fish, you need to know a few techniques.

Carnivorous fish

When we talk about predatory fish, we immediately think of the different types of predatory fish. These fish only feed on other fish and small animals. Some of the larger carnivorous fish such as pike are even able to eat large fish such as carp

It is important for you to know that carnivorous fish play an important role in the ecosystem. Their role is to limit the size of other fish populations such as white fish. If you want to fish for carnivorous fish, be aware that they are also quite aggressive. They are often found in calm water. They are also fond of grass and places that are rich in vegetation

Techniques for catching predatory fish

Different types of freshwater predatory fish can be found. Among the most popular carnivorous fish are black bass, pike, perch, zander and catfish. Different techniques are available to you if you want to catch carnivorous fish. But, to choose your technique, you also need to determine the fish you want to target.

Let’s take the example of a back bass. This is a very fearsome predator. This type of fish is particularly fond of slow moving rivers, lakes and ponds. To catch black bass, we advise you to find them where they are, but with discretion. To catch this type of predatory fish, use lures and fly fishing. It is very easy to find the right bait for this type of fish. Black bass will eat anything they find

And if you have decided to catch carnivorous fish such as pike perch, you should know that just like the black bass, it is a fish that is not easily taken. It has two pairs of canines in the front of the jaw. Not to mention their opercules which are quite sharp. Pike-perch frequent fairly deep and calm environments. This type of carnivorous fish eats fish that they hunt in schools. This makes it easier for you to choose your bait. For your pike-perch fishing trip, we advise you to use a lure, linear or vertical. You can also fish with a dead or live fish.

Besides the technique, never forget that without the right equipment, the best angler will not be able to catch the targeted fish. So, a good reel is the first thing you should focus on.

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