How to fish with tenya?

tenya pêche

Madai and tenya techniques are ideal for catching sparids and tenya fishing is now considered the most effective way to catch these fish.

Sparids or Sparidae are real stars among fishermen. Indeed, the quality of their flesh remains their main asset. This family of perciform fish includes more than 38 species. Sparidae specimens have a dorsal fin with 10 to 13 spines and 10 to 15 soft rays. These characteristics distinguish them from other fish. Madai and tenya fishing techniques are great fun for catching sparids.

Catching nice fish with madai

The madai is a lure that takes the shape of small octopuses from the sea bed. It is used in combination with a light hook which the fish will easily suck up during an attack. The lure has silicone strands that can retract and swell in the water. It perfectly simulates the movements of an octopus, which gives a very attractive effect for predatory fish.

This madai fishing technique originated in Osaka Bay in Kobe, Japan. It is intended for use on the seabed of less than 50 metres with the creation of lures weighing over 300 grams. The technique can be used at depths of up to 150 metres. For this, heavier equipment is required. This lure fishing requires a lot of animation. It is important to make the lure jump with a varied amplitude. The change of rhythm brings vigour to easily fool the fish.

How to fish with a tenya

This fishing technique is a little more elaborate than the madai method. It combines the use of a lure and a small bait such as shrimp. The tenya is a vertical fishing lure. It can also be combined with a second lure. The method is effective in catching sparids and other fish species such as capon.

Tenya fishing uses a fixed hook with a specific shape. The hook keeps the bait in a natural position. The use of a second hook on dacron is typical for this technique. The lure is usually made up of a flat lead which provides the necessary stability for a bottom setting. The lure should have a bright effect to better attract sparids and other fish. The presence of the bait only increases the effectiveness of the technique and the use of the tenya is relatively simple and does not require much animation. The lure is left to rest on the bottom. A slow, wide movement is enough to raise it. Experienced anglers sometimes make the tenya fall back violently. This action creates a cloud of sediment that can attract the attention of the fish. The technique consists of alternating jumps and resting on the bottom with a more or less slow movement.

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