How to do a drop shot?

drop shot

The drop shot is a technique that is already widespread, but that beginners often fail to master. In a few words, this technique consists of an insistent fishing with the ballast positioned under the hook. A few explanations are necessary here.

The drop shot rig

It is never too easy to adopt a new technique such as this, but since fishing is a matter of experience, it is always advantageous to start at some point. It all starts with the rigging. This is a very simple step because all you have to do is to attach the hook to 1 m of the end line with a polar knot. Afterwards, an extended sinker should be placed. To this day, this is the sinker that is considered to be the best for drop shot. As a reminder, it is especially important to note that drop shot and pellet are not similar techniques in case you have considered combining the two.

As far as the extended sinker is concerned, it is the one that hooks the least compared to the ball sinker. It is therefore important to know how to use these different types of sinkers before making your drop shot rig.

Variations of the rig

In addition, it should be noted that there is also a technique called “double drop”. And apart from that, there is also the sharp drop. In France, it is possible to fish with two hooks. This is why we can do the double drop. It allows you to fish more efficiently.

As for the live drop, anglers use it especially in crowded areas. It is also very efficient to avoid getting stuck to the bottom. It’s like using a paddle lead, it can turn the situation in your favour. But in any case, it is always according to the place and the type of fishing carried out that it will be necessary to choose the type of drop which is appropriate. The double drop and the sharp drop are for those who are afraid to come back from fishing empty-handed.

Fishing with a drop shot

You will also need a reel that activates as you wish. We won’t mention the paddle lead here because it’s mainly about the braid or nylon and not the lure. As an indication, according to the experiences of fishermen, braid is much more advantageous with the drop shot.

As far as fishing is concerned, you can use this technique on the shore or in a boat, but it depends on your equipment. For shore fishing, you will need a longer rod. And for boat fishing, a 2.10m rod is more than enough for a drop shot. Even though the drop shot is a rather discreet technique, it is very effective in attracting fish that do not wish to pursue the lure.

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