Where to fish for carp?

pecheur carpe

The choice of fishing location is important when trying to catch as many fish as possible. Whether it’s for sport, relaxation or looking for good food, it’s essential to think carefully about this. So where to fish for carp?

In the field of wild carp

There are several places where you can fish for carp in France. Indeed, the domain of carps which is located in Champagne is an example. It offers to the carp fishing stays from a few days to a week with different prices. Whatever your preference, whether you want to rent a family gite or go on a biwy fishing trip, you will find what you need. As well as the wild and vibrant carp that can be found here, you will also enjoy the peace and quiet and a complete change of scenery.

At the Eden carp

This site is located in the Rhône-Alpes. It consists of 3 ponds where you can fish day and night. If you are an amateur or an experienced carp fisherman, you will find your pleasure here. Moreover, Eden Carpe is easily accessible by car if you don’t want to walk. You can also choose the spot that suits you best. An incredible herd of carp awaits you here. For a good price, this site is a real paradise for anglers looking for a good spot to catch the most fish.

At the carpfighter

The carpfighter site is made up of a number of bodies of water. It is located in the department of Sarthe. It has a good reputation for having a large concentration of carp and sturgeon. More precisely, it is a vast ground of 400 hectares divided into 6 ponds. For their good management, 3 are intended for fishing and 3 for reserves. Thanks to the great variety of vegetation, there is also a large quantity of carp and beautiful specimens. A carp fisherman will not fail to find his happiness here.

In the Graves area

In the Creuse, there is a pond of 6 hectares. This is the Graves estate. It is the most famous private fishing spot in France. There are 10 well placed fishing spots. And for your comfort, the site is equipped with a mill and chalets. And what a carp angler really wants, the pond has a remarkable stock. In addition to fish, there are also sturgeon. It’s the perfect choice to spend your weekend fishing.

At the Salagou lake

A carp angler worthy of the name cannot forget the Lac du Salagou. It is a site where one finds the most beautiful stock of the Hexagon. This artificial lake has been well maintained and the landscape is of great beauty. In addition to carp fishing, you can spend some time here relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet.

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