Which Shimano reel for the sea?

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If you are looking for a reel for sea fishing, we can only recommend the best brand on the market: the Shimano reels. The brand offers a large number of reel models for the sea, we have selected the top three of them for you.

Shimano: a worldwide reference brand

Shimano is a reference brand in the field of fishing equipment of all kinds. Whatever your fishing profile, you will surely find a Shimano reel to suit your needs. The brand offers a multitude of reel ranges.

The ranges are so diverse that even when it comes to choosing a simple Shimano lure fishing reel for the sea, it is quite difficult for the uninitiated to find their way around. We have collected the best Shimano sea reels for you to make your choice easier.

The Shimano Stella FJ Reel

The Stella FJ reel is a real beast of a lure fishing reel , just by its chrome design with a touch of gold ring. This reel is part of the Core Solid front drag reel range. As well as being suitable for sea fishing, it is also a model that is excellent in freshwater.

The light weight is one of the biggest advantages of this reel. When it comes to rotation, the Shimano Stella FJ reel benefits from micro module gears and silent drive technology. It is a perfectly silent, smooth reel with excellent ergonomics.

The Beastmaster XB Shimano model

If you’ve ever used the Beastmaster XTA or XSA models, this model will be familiar to you. The Beastmaster XB is an improved version of these models. It is a reel in the large reel category. If you’re into surfcasting, this is the reel for you. Plus, it’s one of those affordable Shimano reels.

It is the lure fishing reel it’s the ultimate offshore reel if you want to catch the most fish. The Beastmaster XB reel is so perfectly designed that it is child’s play to handle. You benefit from a very good ergonomics, but also from a flawless mechanics.

Shimano Saragosa SW-A Reel

If you’re looking for a powerful and lightweight sea reel, this is the model for you. The Saragosa reel is a reel designed for the fishing technique called sea jigging. This reel is an improved version of its predecessors. It has a particularly efficient hagane gear.

In addition, it has an increased retrieve power thanks to the Infinity Drive technology. With this reel in hand, you are sure not to miss any more of your bites. The Saragosa SW-A reel from Shimano is designed to be easy to handle in any situation.

Popular models among anglers

There are also some other models from Shimano, which are very known in the fishing world. We’d like to show you 3 of those :

  1. Shimano Ultegra : One of Shimano’s most popular mid-range reels, which is perfect for long distance casting.
  2. Shimano Baitrunner : The most popular “Spicemen” reel, which enjoys the trust of millions of anglers in Europe.
  3. Shimano Baitrunner Aero : It combines the advantages of a traditional Baitrunner reel and a compact “Big Spool” reel.

Of course there are also some other brands of sea fishing reels, which also have a good quality.

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