How to fly fish?

pêche à la mouche

Fly fishing is one of the oldest fishing techniques. It is a practice that is an art. You can’t invent yourself as a fly fisherman, you have to go through some training to master this exciting practice little by little. Once the basics are established, you will be able to really enjoy it and appreciate its fruits.

What is fly fishing?

As the name suggests, fly fishing is a fishing technique that uses a fly as a lure. However, there is no question of using a live fly or a dead fly for that matter. The fact is that the lure used for this type of fishing is an artificial fly. This artificial fly is more resistant to the repetitive movements to be made in this type of fishing technique.

In addition to the use of this specific lure, drowned fly fishing also requires the use of a line as fishing line. The line is more discreet than the fishing line, but it has another important role. It allows you to execute the various gestures linked to the fly fishing technique with precision and delicacy.

Focus on fly fishing techniques

If you observe someone fly fishing, you may notice that they are moving their rod, fly reel and fishing line in a harmonious way. Indeed, it consists of casting and retrieving the line in a repetitive manner. However, the movements must be done smoothly, as if you were using a whip with delicacy.

However, the difficulty of the movements to be applied in this type of fishing technique lies in the fact that the lure must be placed delicately on the surface of the water. Indeed, the lure must be placed in such a way as to imitate faithfully the way a real fly is placed. It must be kept in mind that the placement of the fly on the water must not create a splash that would not be real and that the fish would detect immediately.

Another difficulty related to this technique is the fact of having to choose precisely the place where to place the fly. This requires a certain amount of dexterity which is acquired with practice. Once the fly is in the water, you have to take it out slowly with jerky movements that aim to arouse the curiosity of the fish.

A little trick that works very well

To increase your chances of catching the most fish, you should apply this little trick. Fish like to feed on insects, but not just any insects. By observing the insects on the surface of the water, you know what your targets like. So by choosing an artificial fly that most closely resembles these insects, you are sure to be more effective.

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